Devin Nunes: No Rest Until Mueller Scope Memo Released, ‘Dirty Cops’ Rounded Up

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by Thinker


Rep. Devin Nunes isn’t celebrating special counsel Robert Mueller’s submission of his final report to the Justice Department. Calling for full transparency, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee amplified his demand to see the scope memo for the years-long investigation, going further than Democrats calling for the release of the full Mueller report for the public to see.

“I don’t think Republicans or any American should be celebrating anything to do with Mueller. Okay? It’s fine. He’s not going to indict anymore people. There are a whole bunch of indictments that are awful. What happened to these people is terrible,” Nunes, R-Calif, said Saturday evening on Fox News. “We need to see the origins of this investigation. We don’t even know what Robert Mueller was supposed to be looking at.”

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The classified scope memorandum was issued by Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein in August 2017, months after he appointed Mueller to lead the Russia investigation without citing a crime.

A heavily redacted version of the……rounded-up

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Top 10 Propagandists Who Pushed Russia Collusion Hoax

Although it is not yet known what is in the report, and it could still contain information damaging to the administration, the revelation that there will be no new indictments suggests that the Russia collusion theory is a bust.

Yet since the summer of 2016, there were countless pushers of the narrative that President Trump’s campaign had colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election, specifically by……sion-hoax/




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