Did Fox News’s premature Arizona call for Biden trigger the massive cheating operation?

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But at 11:20 P.M., Fox News made a shocking announcement by calling Arizona for Joe Biden. Never mind that about 900,000 votes were yet uncounted, including absentee ballots. Other news outlets, including The New York Times and CNN, did not make a call until two days later.


Okay the article doesn’t actually say that the Arizona call might have been the signal to start the additional cheating that was needed to steal the election, but it did make me think about this.

I wanted to find the timeline for when the battleground states announced that they would stop counting votes for the night. I was unfortunately watching Fox (won’t make that mistake again), and I absolutely am certain that Fox announced that certain states had paused vote counting for the night. Was this before or after the Arizona call?

It is almost impossible to find out because apparently there is a huge effort to convince anyone who searches for this information that the states did NOT announce that they were stopping the vote count. I did at least find a copy of the Fox election night coverage. I found the call for Arizona at around 1:21. I have not yet found where Brett announced that several states were pausing the vote count.

Was the Arizona call a signal to bring in the illegal ballots under the cover of night because the software “glitch” wasn’t enough to beat President Trump? Or was the call so outrageous that they knew Fox would likely bring out Arnon Mishkin to answer questions (which they did end up doing) and that he could then signal where the additional cheating needed to happen?

Any thoughts?

Link to partial Fox election night coverage (set to start at the Arizona call):

Not surprisingly, twenty minutes later, at 11:40 P.M., Biden made an appearance and addressed his supporters: “We believe one of the [networks] has suggested we’ve already won Arizona, but we’re confident about Arizona — that’s a turnaround.”

That wasn’t an impromptu remark. It was a prepared one. Arizona was a turnaround. In Biden’s own words. After Fox News’s premature call.



h/t Daniel Higdon


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