Did Jeff Bezos Just Threaten DOD?

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Bezos said:

If big tech is going to turn their backs on the Department of Defense, this country is in trouble…

The media is reporting that what he meant was Google. He meant that Google needs to cowboy up and get their employees in line and support the DOD. The above link is just an example of this.

However, Amazon is also in the middle of protesting the $10B JEDI contract award recently given to Microsoft that everyone assumed AWS would have won. The contract is to be the one cloud provider to rule them all for DOD. Obviously, to control ALL of DOD’s cloud infrastructure is to control all of DOD’s data. That’s worth a LOT more than the $10B fee. DOD networks are by far the biggest target in the cyber world. This is the most sought after data on earth.

Could it be that Bezos is threatening the Pentagon? Is he saying that the decision in the JEDI contract needs to be reversed, and if not, “big tech” will “turn their backs” on DOD?

There are some who say there is currently a war taking place behind the scenes. A covert civil war between the CIA on one side, and DOD on the other. Big tech would seemingly be on the CIA’s side, since Google has its roots in In-Q-Tel and Amazon is linked to the Washington Post and the CIA as well.

Amazon has been handling CIA’s classified information for years: www.businessinsider.com/amazon-web-services-launches-secret-region-2017-11





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