Did Tucker Carlson Just Redpill Us To A Greater Conspiracy Happening In America?

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These calls have been issued since the 90’s, with men like Edwin Louis Cole. I think it’s something Men have always dealt with…the Greatest Generation didn’t know how to express themselves, and their kids suffered for it. The Boomers expressed too much and became the “friends” of their kids…now we see everyday the struggle of parents, especially men, and their children.
I think the problem is as old as the division between masculinity and femininity itself. Why are men supposed to “hold it in”? Why aren’t we allowed to express ourselves? Why can’t we be emotional, cry, be sad? Why is our only enduring stereotype that of the Stoic? Men are encouraged to be islands unto themselves…emotionless, lonely, a tree in the field. Our real challenge is to open up to ourselves and one another, to enjoy close male friendships, and to understand how we feel and why.
Shutting all your feelings away and being an island unto yourself does nothing but bottle up rage and insecurity…all while the man inside withers.
h/t bradok

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