Secret Service and CSI / MPD are outside Russian Embassy in DC right now

From the Source:
Filmmaker Ford Fischer captured video footage of the various personnel surrounding the Russian Embassy on Wisconsin Avenue, located about four miles from the White House. Fischer posted this along with his video: “Secret Service and CSI / MPD are outside Russian Embassy on Wisconsin Avenue. Reason unclear. Ambulance was present but left before I began filming.” So what’s going on here?
Frankly, we have no idea. The presence of just the Secret Service could point to a mere visit to the Embassy by someone who is under routine protection. The presence of just an ambulance could point to a mere medical malady. But combine the two, along with crime scene investigators, and it appears that something much more has happened here. This week Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared to resume targeting Russian nationals whom he sees as a threat, after several suspicious Russian deaths took place earlier in the Trump-Russia scandal.
Robert Mueller recently indicted thirteen Russian nationals for having conspired to rig the election in Donald Trump’s favor, though none of those Russian nationals are believed to be in the United States.
h/t  Voluntaryist