“Did You Ask Obama About His Private Meeting With Putin?”, Mike Pompeo SILENCES SEN.

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by Thinker

A Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing got heated Wednesday between the panel’s top Democrat questioned Secretary of State Michael Pompeo on President Trump’s private meeting with Vladimir Putin. Clinton Foundation Uranium One Russian Deal…Americans still waiting for the truth! As anyone can see Senator Mendez is badgering and accuses Pompeo of not want to answer questions. A divided America, one that wants war and one that wants to communicate and not bomb.

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What a waste of tax dollars and distraction from the pedophiles, human traffiking, missing trillions in the Pentagon. Why is time being wasted on words that are b.s.? Anyone who has been following history and alternative media knows the connections of North Korea and the CIA. Trump changed things with his visit, so why is there a hearing on it? Shouldn’t Americans fix their own problems first? Shouldn’t Americans be talking about the border and immigrants? WTF – insanity from the losing side is ridiculous. Wasted tax dollars talking about nothing!

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Rand Paul & Mike Pompeo – Trump is Right to Negotiate With World Leaders

Mike Pompeo is the 70th and current United States Secretary of State since 2018. Rand Paul is physician and has been serving as the junior United States Senator from Kentucky since 2011, alongside Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.


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