Did you hear about the Chinese Billionaire who bought all these Australian hospitals and now threatening to close them?

Frantic negotiations are underway to save more hospitals from closing and ensure tens of thousands of beds could be used to treat coronavirus patients.
Private hospital company Healthe Care has already stood down 800 staff and is putting in doubt 8000 beds at 34 private hospitals across Australia after the federal government cancelled elective surgeries in response to the COVID-19 spread.
In a letter to staff, a copy seen by 9News, Healthe Care stated that the availability of private hospitals is at risk. It is now putting the pressure on state and federal governments for financial help.
Chinese billionaire Liu Dian Bo bought Healthe Care for $900 million in 2015. Now, the company, which 9News understands was already facing financial pressure, is putting the heat on federal and state government for help.
“We have received no firm proposals,” the company’s letter to staff said.
“Regrettably, this has driven us to these immediate actions.”
Other private hospitals are threatening to follow suit.

Wow. Weaponized foreign ownership. Very hostile. Australia should put arrest warrant on his head, and repatriate / nationalize Red Chinese public health assets.

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