Did you know a company called Akamai has full access to your Windows 10 PC?

via Reddit:

All files, all folders, all permission, full firewall opened access via secured signed windows file.

Let’s explore windows a bit.

(I use kaspersky feel free to use any firewall of choice.)

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So what is that thing called “Store” with 2 open ports and full rights to my network ? Let’s investigate.

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Safe file ok?

But let’s look into the IP address. is this a MS Corporation IP ?

Nope… it’s Akamai tech.

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Let’s google Akamai Tech, what do we find… A lot of jargon and apparently, web cables, they are a web cable company. Ok.

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Let’s be just a bit curious and look at who owns this shit. Not the managers, these are just the guys they pay to be bored in their stead but the real owners.

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Let’s look at the board. (behold the diversity).


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A bunch of dinosaurs and this guy… William Wagner. The one non dinosaurus Moneybucks in the group. And what kind of tech does he own ?

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That’s right, the app with full permission on my drive and system, signed by Microsoft goes to an IP belonging to a company that has professional SPIES on the board as the only non rich tech guy… HA.

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Look at the log me in website for precious quotes like: imgur.com/xbkinPu

Kinda says it all no ?

I advise you to shut down this store shit ASAP. If you don’t want to be spied on and have your machine compromised that is.

Edit: sorry I forgot to post the permissions:

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