Did you know that Obama had eight whistleblowers? And that in each case he had his FBI bust into their homes, arrest them and charge them with spying?

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by bbennett36

This is what really has happened to WB’s in the past. Weird how things have changed…..Now the left and MSM will do anything to protect a deep state CIA agent WB…… It’s almost like hes not a real WB?

Back In Barry’s Day: Obama Didn’t Hide Whistleblowers, He Jailed Them

“I can tell you that people who normally would meet with me, sort of in a more relaxed atmosphere, are on pins and needles,” Landay said of the reporting climate during the Obama years, a period of unprecedented whistleblower prosecutions. The crackdown on leaks, he added, seems “deliberately intended to have a chilling effect.”

Landay isn’t alone in that assessment, as several investigative journalists attest in “War on Whistleblowers: Free Press and the National Security State,” a timely documentary directed by Robert Greenwald of Brave New Foundation that premieres this week in New York and Washington. The film details the ordeals of four whistleblowers who turned to the press in order to expose waste or illegality.

CNN was defending Obama when he had the FBI kick down doors and arrest 8 whistleblowers…what has changed? Hmmmm….


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