Did you know the Vatican can put someone in their own jail?


I initially was relieved to see the Vatican finally cracking down on a pedophile priest. But then I read on and found they had not sent him to an Italian prison, but a Vatican jail. And they had tried him in a Vatican court. To see how this could go wrong, just think of a “televangelist” (like Jimmy Swaggart for instance) with his own court, judge and jail. The mind recoils at the thought.

Vatican jails Italian priest for child porn

AFP • June 23, 2018

Vatican City (AFP) – A Vatican court on Saturday jailed for five years an Italian priest who worked as a diplomat for the Holy See’s Washington embassy, for possessing and sharing child pornography…

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Read article here: www.yahoo.com/news/vatican-jails-italian-priest-child-porn-162753369.html

Dear readers, I don’t know which is more disturbing, the priest with child porn, or the fact that, in this day and age, the Vatican has its own prison.

pope-francis-the-marxistFriends and loved ones and sincere followers of Christ in the Catholic Church, please don’t be offended at me. In this day, when the current Pope is more Communist than Christian, this action of throwing a person into one of the vatican’s own prisons is very revealing. Has the pope set an ominous new precedent?

Can you say, “Spanish Inquisition?”

Note – Dr.Eowyn makes a very good counterpoint:

The Vatican is an independent city-state, albeit small. So like all sovereign states, has its own jail.

The Catholic Church can and should be criticized on many things, but being a sovereign city-state isn’t one of them.


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