“Died Suddenly” is an Amazing Documentary on the Coronavirus Vax

by Chris Black

Everyone needs to watch this. Then everyone needs to thank me for going so hard on the covid hoax.

Stew Peters has produced the best conceivable documentary on the coronavirus “vaccine” and its effects. 

Frankly, the film should end the discussion about this deadly gene therapy. There is nothing more to say after this.

The most shocking part is the clots, which people still do not understand. They are not blood clots. It is some kind of fiber in the veins.

What are the media “people” even going to say about this? They can’t say it’s not real, and they can’t say it was happening before the vax.

The film shows both doctors and coroners pulling them out of people’s bodies.

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No one has ever seen this; now it’s in almost everyone’s body

 A coroner recounts being at a convention where all the coroners talked about it.

No one even knows what these fibers are.

 Somehow, that gene injection causes people’s bodies to create these threads in the veins. It’s a wonder any of these vaxies are still alive – and it looks like they won’t be for long. This vax is causing every kind of disease, including various cancers. 

People think it is just heart disease, but it’s everything. Millions of people have died.




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