Digital identity bad: Why?

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by Chris Black

Yes, everything is already digitized. What elites are currently doing is consolidating this digitization into more centralized systems, so they can micromanage society more effectively.

If you think that “cancel culture” and “deplatforming” are bad now, then just wait until there’s an official AI-driven social credit system that automatically cuts off your bank account because you called someone a “tranny” on Twitter or because you violated your “carbon commitment” by using too much gas.

What sort of idiot doesn’t recognize the immediate danger of having your bank account, passport, driver’s license, social media accounts, etc. all wrapped up in one single “digital identity”?

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I just don’t understand this sort of willful ignorance.

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Many people made similar arguments regarding the COVID lockdowns: “Ummm the elites already have power and wealth, so obviously they don’t need any more power and wealth. They definitely aren’t using lockdowns to cripple the Middle Class. Actually, they don’t even want to lock you down.

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They *really* want you to be a consumerist and buy lots of stuff!”

People could work this stuff out for themselves if they just sat down and thought about it for five minutes. You don’t have to be a genius savant to see where we’re headed.

Globalists aren’t hiding away in the shadows anymore, as they were during the 18th, 19th, and early 20th Centuries. Now they’re out in the open, obnoxiously announcing their plans to the world and telling everyone that we need more “global governance” and technocracy.



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