Ukraine Prediction

by Chris Black

So this is what’s going to happen geopolitically:

The Americans sanctioned Russia as hard as they possibly could, openly trying to break the Russian economy. Most of America’s vassal states in the west followed suit.

India and China have not. So the Americans are now threatening India and China with sanctions of their own, unless they join the United States in punishing Russia.

Paradoxically, America’s bullying tactics against both countries will wind up making them the best of friends.

India has exceedingly good relationship with Russia for several decades — they will not jeopardize it because of the Americans. So in retaliation for not doing what they want, the Americans will sanction India. It will be what my friend Alexandra Mercouris calls “the sanctions escalator”: Little by little at first, random officials here and there, and then slowly targeting the entire Indian economy.

Insofar as China is concerned, America has started this “sanctions escalator “, and the Chinese are under no illusions. 

But for China, Russia is much more important than the United States. China has spent over 25 years deliberately and consciously deepening its relationship with Russia. China views Russia as a primary partner, and will under no circumstances jeopardize that relationship. That’s why China will never sanction Russia. So China will take on American sanctions — but China realizes something crucial:

The United States needs China much more than the other way around.

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China and India have had long-standing border disputes. Because of this American pressure, the two countries are now quickly resolving these border issues, especially water rights issues. Both of them realize that, in order to resist American pressure, they must become allied.

So very quickly, a new super alliance will form between Russia, China and India. Iran, which has strong relationships with Russia and blossoming relationships with China, will inevitably join this partnership.

If these four countries decide to cut out the west, Europe will not have gas for electricity and heat, and no customers for its cars and product. And the Americans will discover that no one wants their dollars—so the American financial architecture will completely collapse, and the US will find itself in the biggest depression of its history. (Yes you read right.)

The Americans do not realize that the US needs China/Russia/India far FAR more than the other way around. Americas hollowed out industrial base means that it does not produce anything. It needs products from Russia/China/India. And yet it is the United States which is busy alienating precisely those nations that it most needs. 

The Americans have broken with the Russians – there is now a sanctions moat between Russia and the west. If the US and Europe does this with China and India, the west will sink, their economy completely shattered. And this new Eurasian block will become the literal center of the earth. 

Through sheer incompetence, the United States is about to collapse.

 I am not being hyperbolic, this is what is happening right now. By the end of 2023, there will be catastrophic hyperinflation, over 50% unemployment, mass food shortages, and no gasoline in the United States of America.

Don’t believe me? Watch.


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