Disease DOOM: Dengue Fever now spreading in Arizona via Mosquitos

How about some old fashioned disease doom?

People in the US have had Dengue before but they always caught it while traveling to 3rd world countries. This is the very first time someone in the US caught the virus from local mosquitos, and health officials are very afraid it is spreading.

Most people recover after a week but this disease can be extremely painful, which is why it is called “break bone fever”, your muscles, bones and joints can be horribly painful. In some cases it becomes dengue hemorrhagic fever.

A dangerous viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes has seemingly landed in Arizona. Earlier this week, health officials reported that a Maricopa County resident recently contracted dengue, while routine surveillance has found traces of the dengue virus in at least one nearby mosquito population. These discoveries suggest that the infection could be spreading locally in the state for the first time, though the investigation is still ongoing.

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Maricopa County field teams made up of staff and volunteers are now offering dengue testing to residents ages 5 and older in the neighborhood where the latest case was discovered. The testing can identify an infection which might have occurred in the “last several months,” the county said. They are also providing residents with mosquito prevention kits.


From some reason they are not revealing the neighborhood location publicly.

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