DISGRACEFUL- Only Carter RSVP’d “YES” to Trump's Inauguration

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by Amna El Tawil
Donald Trump’s inauguration is getting closer and the arrangements are under way. Trump’s administration has been contacting different singers to participate in the event, and the final “lineup” isn’t quite sure yet as some of them agreed while others declined. As per tradition, former presidents were also invited to this big day, but only one RSVP’d “YES”.

Democrat Jimmy Carter, 92, said he’s RSVP’d for Donald Trump’s inauguration, which is scheduled for January, 20. The former president who endorsed Hillary Clinton during the campaign season made the announcement at the start of teaching a Sunday school class in Plains, Georgia, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
The most recent Republican president, George W. Bush, hasn’t publicly announced whether he will be present at the inauguration, whom he declined to endorse during the presidential campaign. In a statement to the media, Freddy Ford, Bush spokesperson, said: “We simply don’t discuss his schedule this far in advance.” His father, George H.W. Bush won’t attend the inauguration either and just like the son, Bush senior refused to vote for Trump.
Bill Clinton still hasn’t decided whether he will attend the inauguration or not. Although it’s not unusual for former presidents to skip the inauguration ceremony of their successor, it is important to mention that all four living presidents went to President Obama’s event in 2009, but father and son Bush didn’t go to the next one due to senior Bush’s poor health. Republican Gerald Ford, 91 missed George W. Bush’s second inauguration in 2005 for health reasons.
Now that inauguration is just around the corner, media choose to focus on celebrities who declined to attend the ceremony. In fact, it is disgraceful to give such an importance to celebrities and stars over the general public and people who did make a significant contribution to the society. Donald Trump took to his Twitter account to announce that he’s more interested in people, rather than famous persons.

The tweet “inspired”, Chrissy Teigen also known as one of the most notorious Twitter trolls to undermine the meaning of inauguration by tweeting the incoming president.


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8 thoughts on “DISGRACEFUL- Only Carter RSVP’d “YES” to Trump's Inauguration

  1. Have some people been warned to stay away? Every once in awhile I read about a false flag nuke attack on the US to blame Russia, Iran, or whomever. Blame anyone but Mossad, Pentagon, or Bilderburgers. My guess would be a nuclear armed cruise missile. They don’t care how many they kill as long as they kill the “idea” that America can be made great again.

  2. The press has lost its relevance in our society. DJT won the election and most Americans voted for him. I am sure there are plenty of fabulous Americans that will be at the inauguration. The Bushies and Clinton’s dont’ really measure up to the venue so it is best that they don’t attend.

  3. Trump is neither an establishment Republican nor a Democrat. Nor is he a globalist like Obama, Clinton or the Bushes. As such these guys want to shun and embarrass him.
    All in poor taste if i may add.

  4. To openly publish “the list” of the “snowflake celebrities” would be wonderful…Then we all can decide whether to boycott their songs, movies, TV shows…if it’s a “spanking” they want??…then let’s give them one! …and Michael Moore? You’ve already illustrated your irrelevance as a “perceived spokesperson”…WE don’t want YOU, or those other “has-beens” such as Madonna. Your time has run out, just like skinny-skank-Obama and his ugly wife.

  5. Former President Carter has always been a decent human being, he just didn’t fit in with the crooked scum in D.C. and the jews hate him. That should tell you something about this great human being, all the rest of our past scum presidents are war criminals and perverts and the have killed millions of human beings for money and the tribe.

  6. I am glad the Bushes aren’t coming, it makes it more obvious than ever that the Bushes and Clintons are part of the same cartel. We now know that democrats only pretended to be outraged by Bush’s crimes so that they could win the elections and commit the same crimes themselves. We now know that all of their outrage is phony.

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