Shocking: Liberals Blame Ivanka for Harassment on JetBlue Flight

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by Amna El Tawil
Just a few days ago, Ivanka Trump, a 31-year-old mother of three kids, was harassed on JetBlue flight by an intolerant liberal. The intolerant liberal isn’t just an oxymoron as liberals are supposed to be tolerant and respect others, but it’s a sad reality. Even more shocking is the fact that Dan Goldstein, a man who harassed her, is an attorney who works in the profession where impeccable reputation is pivotal. The story is far from over because instead of feeling for a mother and wife who’s been harassed on the flight, liberals are blaming Ivanka, the victim, for the unfortunate event that occurred.

Dan Goldstein’s husband Matthew Lasner, a professor at the Hunter College “announced” and joked about the event on Twitter. Ever since the news broke out, Lasner deleted all his tweets while the official Twitter page of his workplace is swamped by the messages of disbelief that a reputable professor could promote bullying and get away with it.

The Guardian’s Jessica Valenti blamed Ivanka as well, saying she can handle criticism, even though Valenti often speaks against harassment of women.

Reagan Gomez, an actress (apparently), stated nobody should feel bad for Ivanka because she chose a commercial flight.

Imani Gandy, a legal analyst for left-wing website Rewire News, also cast doubt on the harassment victim, suggesting the whole thing was a “stunt”.

A producer for CBS News, Shanica Johnson, also attempted to cast doubt on the entire event.

These are just some of many examples wherein Ivanka Trump was blamed for the harassment on the flight. Nowadays, it became perfectly normal to blame the victims of any wrongdoing. While people focus on the fact Ivanka Trump was on the commercial flight, they fail to notice that it is not okay for people to act that way towards others, regardless of who they are.
This wasn’t the first time Ivanka Trump was at the receiving end of bullying because someone doesn’t agree with her father. Back in August, Ivanka ordered cuffs from the Lady Grey jewelry line and received more than she paid for. Designers, Jill Martinelli and Sabine Le Guyader, included a note saying: “Dear Ivanka, Thank you for your web order! We’re happy to let you know that the proceeds of your sale have been generously donated to the American Immigration Council, the Everytown for Gun Safety Organization, and the Hillary Clinton campaign. We hope you enjoy your new Lady Grey #helixcuff. Best, Sabine and Jill.

Dear @ivankatrump, #thanksbutnothanks #payitFORWARD ??

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10 thoughts on “Shocking: Liberals Blame Ivanka for Harassment on JetBlue Flight

  1. Sorry Donald to hear of this ‘micro terrorism’ perpetrated upon your wonderful daughter by blue haired ‘cryBullies’.
    Perhaps the advise and wisdom of former Chicago boss, Sam Giancana will be of immense practical assistance here in resolving these problems, now, and into the future…. ‘Cut off the head and the tail stops waging’.
    Nail that vileKunt Hillary, her degenerate husband and their bastard daughter via espionage charges and fraud through the Clinton Foundation and the problem goes away.

    • Exactly……..he should have “bloused ’em one”……. he should have “scratched their eyes out, man”…………….LOL…I’m glad he didn’t. If he had rearranged their noses we wouldn’t know the scores of any of the football games for weeks. I can’t even imagine the blow-back(pun intended) from the Federalized Media. I’m sure he was tempted. Smart move holding back, Jared. They are self-destructing.

  2. Perverts fagots harassing NORMAL people need a KNOCK OUT game !
    NOT even ONE BRAVE man PUNCHED THIS SCUM in the the MOUTH!

    • Actually, Jared was smart by letting it go. The Trumps do not need the kind of media that the provocation was intended. If he had gotten’ physical…you know….that was what they wanted. The headlines for weeks, months…….”Ivanka Trump’s Husband Punches Out Faggot Lawyer and Professor Husband for No Reason.” Think about it.

  3. There was a time in this country when any real man(or woman) who saw this disgusting display of ill manners and bullying would have put this clown in his place, hopefully on the deck. Unfortunately, we are afflicted with a population of snowflakes fearful of raising their voices for fear of being accused of anti-Semitism, homophobia or some other PC crime.

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