Electors Who Wanted to "Stop" Trump Were in Contact with Clinton Campaign

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by Amna El Tawil
After her defeat on November 8, Clinton, her advisors, and supporters looked for different ways to discredit President-elect Donald Trump and ensure the electors vote for her in December. However, her plan failed big time as more electors abandoned Hillary than Mr. Trump. But, there were some of them who tried to “stop” Trump and “save” the world and the United States.
Senior advisors to Hillary Clinton’s campaign were in contact by phone and email with a driver of the effort to dump Donald Trump at the electoral college. Hillary’s advisors counted on Colorado elector Micheal Baca, who was supposed to help and persuade Republican members of the Electoral College to dump Trump. It is needless to mention this turned out to be a major flop.
Now, Baca is facing prosecution for his decision to vote for Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich rather than Clinton. According to the state law, he was supposed to vote for the winning candidate.
Some members of the Hamilton Electors confessed trying to engineer a victory for Kasich as an alternative to Trump. They argued that Donald Trump is unfit to be a president, even though he won 306 electoral votes.
In one email after a conference call with Clinton adviser Jake Sullivan, Baca apologized for being excessively urgent, in one of the multiple internal emails obtained by Politico: “Not at all! We all share a sense of urgency,’ Sullivan wrote Baca. ‘Look forward to being in touch.”
Politico writes: “The next day, after Baca updated Sullivan on the group’s progress, Sullivan wrote that he personally believed the Clinton campaign should not be involved because it might send “mixed messages.” “But I’m consulting with our leadership,” he added.”
Baca and Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri exchanged text messages that indicated Palmieri’s interest in being informed about the effort. Politico didn’t reveal how it gained access to the emails, texts, and call logs.
Baca also wrote: “I know I will have done everything I could to stop Trump but I am just a guy at the end of the day. Thank you so very much and I’ll trust whatever happens was the right decision.”
Palmieri, who vented about the type of campaign Trump ran at a post-election panel at Harvard, responded: “I hear you. Are you doing a press conference today?”
When Baca told her about an event he was planning on the subject, Palmieri asked: ”What are you planning to say?’ but she didn’t write anything that revealed her own views.
Baca described an event he was planning at D.C.’s Sylvan Theater and asked whether she’d suggest any messaging. Palmieri asked: “What are you planning to say?” After Baca provided a short summary, there was no any response from Jennifer Palmieri.

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