Disgruntled Amazon customers are complaining that their packages keep arriving late, and it could be an ominous sign for Prime

via businessinsider:

  • Some Amazon Prime customers are fuming, claiming the company has repeatedly delayed their shipments and backtracked on the two-day-shipping guarantee that comes with membership.

  • But the data shows that Amazon has actually sped up the process of getting packages to customers.

  • It’s likely Amazon’s delivery times are getting better, on average, but the sheer volume of customers could be leading to an uptick in customer complaints.

  • Still, experts speculate that the proliferation of new Amazon delivery services could be leading to a disconnect with customers, many of whom might just not get how Prime really works.

  • Either way, it’s not great news for Amazon, which is trying to attract even more people to Prime.

A growing chorus of customers are claiming that Amazon is not holding up its end of the two-day-shipping bargain. They’ve said that Amazon is slipping up with greater frequency: Packages are late leaving warehouses and delayed in shipment without explanation.

At the same time, data provided to Business Insider by Slice Intelligence showed that Amazon’s speed and consistency are actually improving when viewed on a large scale.

So what’s going on?

Experts who spoke with Business Insider said it was highly unlikely that Amazon would be slowing shipments on purpose. Instead, it’s likely a combination of factors — including that Amazon has a constantly growing member base of 100 million people, that it’s often introducing new services, and that Prime’s free two-day-shipping guarantee is misunderstood by many customers.

Tbh I’m strongly considering dropping prime for the same reason. I live in a building damn near the middle of the city. It’s not small and it’s not out of the way and there’s always someone at the front desk. At least 5-6 times this year a package has been delayed and the driver marked that nobody was able to take the package or that the address wasn’t good. I’d also guesstimate 20% of my orders this year have been delayed beyond the normal window.

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E: also a month ago I saw the guy delivering my stuff and literally had to chase him down and let him know I still had more packages.

The $120/yr isn’t a huge concern for me. My problem is I’m getting nothing of value for it and I could just as easily be loading up my cart for a week or two and buying in bulk for the free shipping.

Also tbh I get surprise expensive stuff delivered to me regularly because I drunk ordered something so that’s a problem.

E: also obligatory business insider is trash and I think less of anyone who reads it.


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