Disney Empire Strikes Back, 2 FL Counties responsible for debt, $2000 plus a family

  • The district board met days after Gov. DeSantis ordered the district dissolved
  • But there was little talk of the issue save for a brief discussion on how it would affect a planned expansion of solar panels
  • The head of Reedy Creek’s union says employees are in the dark about their jobs 
  • By dissolving RCID, residents in Osceola and Orange counties would be liable for Disney’s $2 billion bond debts
  • Tax collectors estimate the liability would raise resident taxes between $2,200 and $2,800 per family of four
  • Other legal experts allege a court may strike down DeSantis’ ruling to dissolve RCID because of First Amendment violations 
  • Many believe DeSantis removed Disney’s special privilege status because the entertainment giant vocally opposed his so-called Don’t Say Gay bill 


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h/t General Mishka


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