[DNC] Unprecedented DC Court Filing Exposes HUGE FEC Complaint Proving Hillary and the DNC Conspired to Launder Unbelievable Amounts of Money to Circumvent Campaign Law

by dmezh

The Federalist has today reported on this and provided the court filing, but I have acquired and provided the actual 101-page FEC complaint for you below, as it is currently not freely available. References are embedded.


This is an official document.


Here is the introductory paragraph:

This Complaint alleges an unprecedented, massive, nationwide multi-million dollar conspiracy among the Democratic National Committee (“DNC”); Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton’s joint fundraising committee (“JFC”), Hillary Victory Fund (“HVF”); Clinton’s presidential candidate committee, Hillary for America (“HFA”), 40Democratic state parties, and an undetermined number of individual “super donors” to circumvent federal contribution limits and earmarking restrictions by effectively laundering nearly all contributions received by HVF through the state parties to the DNC, which contributed much of those funds to HFA, made coordinated expenditures with HFA, and otherwise granted control of those funds to HFA resulting in a de facto unlawful contribution. As explained below, this scheme allowed the DNC to receive tens of millions of dollars in contributions far exceeding federal limits.

Please, do your duty to help bring justice to those who disrespect the order of law and the integrity of the United States.

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The document is 101 pages of proof.

Read the document and you’ll have some background to stand on. This is very different in nature to the Steele dossier. This is an individually indexed, legal analysis of about 500 financial transactions.

The spreadsheet is each referenced transaction along with data and the individual FEC filing #.

FEC Records Indicate Hillary Campaign Illegally Laundered $84 Million


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