DNC Workers Sue Democrat Party Over Slave Wages For Working 80-90 Hours Per Week At The Same Time DNC Was Out Protesting "$15/hour", They Weren't Even Paying Their Own Workers Minimum Wage!

Throughout the 2016 presidential election, Democrats attacked the current federal minimum wage as a “starvation wage,” but according to a new lawsuit, they paid their own workers less than the amount currently mandated by law.

“I think everyone’s reaction is the same. It’s obscene,” Justin Swidler, a Philadelphia attorney representing between 40 and 50 “field organizers” around the country, told CBS Philly. “These workers were out there in a campaign that was promising $15 an hour minimum wage and expanding the overtime rights of workers.”

Swidler is suing the Democratic National Committee, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, and five more state party organizations on behalf of the staffers, whom he claims were denied overtime compensation. The lawyer said the lawsuit seeks “fair pay for fair work,” thus “holding the Democratic Party to the very ideals that it embraces.”


Dozens of Democrat Party workers sued the party for paying slave wages for working 80-90 hours per week.
This was at the same time Democratic groups were holding “Fight for 15” rallies across the United States.
Sam Dorman at The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Dozens of field workers have filed a class action lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee, claiming the party that is pushing employers to pay a $15 minimum wage and more in overtime failed to pay overtime and minimum wages to its own employees.
Justin Swidler, the attorney representing the field workers, argued the Democratic Party failed to pay workers a minimum wage and denied them overtime compensation. Swidler “says the lawsuit seeks ‘fair pay for fair work,’ and holding the Democratic Party to the very ideals that it embraces,” according to CBS Philly.
The 2016 Democratic platform pushed for a $15-per-hour minimum wage, a nearly $8 increase from the current minimum, and promised to defend an Obama-era regulation forcing employers to pay a higher rate to employees for working more than 40 hours.
Some of the Democrats’ workers put in 80-90 hours per week, according to Swidler, and got only $3,000 per month in compensation. “They got paid a flat salary of $3,000 a month, which isn’t even minimum wage for some of the hours that they were working,” Swidler said.

Don’t forget the million(s) in bonuses paid out to committee members:
hen there’s this:

Gov. Wolf is asking the state auditor general review the $10 million that state taxpayers donated to the Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee last year for the Democratic National Convention.
The nearly $1 million in rewards to host committee staff was decided in November by the chairman of the committee, former Gov. Edward G. Rendell, executive director and treasurer Kevin Washo, and chief operating officer Eliza Rose. The checks ranged from $500 for interns and volunteers to $310,000 for Washo.


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  1. Democraps are such useful idiots to the ELITE that run that entire abortion of a party. Ignorant used rubes, they fully deserve it, the leftists libtards. Next they will be wearing suicide vests for DWS as glory fashions for “progressivism”…oh wait..Antifa is already doing that….

  2. But but but hill WANTED you to volunteer, didn’t she? And you stupidly took the bait and got hooked. I worked for her brother Hugh Rodham and his failed Senatorial bid back in the 1990’s and got paid ZERO….while my boss the Campaign Treasurer got a hefty weekly salary and I got zero for all the work I did in addition to being his legal assistant (as well as Rodham’s legal assistant). Anyone foolish enough to work for a campaign….get ready to donate your time as you sure as hell won’t be paid…. take it from someone who got short changed big time.

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