Do not fall into the trap of believing the exact opposite of what the mainstream media says. Question their propaganda, but continue to think critically. Remember that if they only lied, they couldn’t lie effectively.

by Jac0b777

I see this very often – and I admit that is is a normal reaction to all the propaganda and lies we have been fed for so long now (especially during the pandemic in the last two years).

Most of the mainstream press throughout the world is filled with propaganda, misinformation and distortions of truth. Most of which is happening because that exact press is not truly free, but it is beholden to the interests of its corporate or governmental overlords.

Free and critical thinking journalists are now rare, but due to the Internet their various perspectives can still be found, even when they aren’t blasted through the mainstream press (Glenn Greenwald as one example…).

I think despite this it is important to not fall for the trap of thinking that no matter what the mainstream media says, the exact opposite is always true.

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In an extreme example, I know some people (none that I’ve seen here, but still) are denying the invasion of Ukraine is even happening. Now, there is absolutely no doubt that there is an immense amount of propaganda regarding the war (as it has always been historically, but now this is ramped up a thousand fold due to the Internet), but we need to approach all the information we are given with a critical eye.

The truth is usually somewhere in the middle and the press still has to give certain information that is factual in order for them to put their own ideological spin on it. If they only lied, they couldn’t lie effectively.

That’s why, if you insist on being informed about what’s going on (and honestly, sometimes it’s better to just take a break from all the insanity), check the propaganda from both sides and not just from a, in this case, pro-Russia or pro-Ukraine aligned source, while also simply checking independent combat footage and analysis if you can find it.

That being said, don’t become too embroiled in world events and don’t let these things become your life. We are living in a post-truth era so in many ways that in itself is calling us to find a deeper truth within ourselves, using our intuition to guide us and help us live the best lives we can, while also helping others in the capacity we are able to.

Living your life, being kind and loving to others and blossoming into a genuine human being is one of the greatest modalities of resistance you can offer to the world. Through that you become an example to everyone – and who knows, you might even impact others in not so obvious ways, if we truly are all interconnected on deeper levels…


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