Do You Even Watch the January 6 Show Trial?

by Chris Black

Liz Cheney should have a sign over her head reading: “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here.”

I have mostly stopped following the whole January 6 drama. It’s just too much, and I just don’t care.

This January 6 circus show is a drastic departure from the established laws of this country, and appears to be setting the standard for a new kind of legal system.

For a bit of context, while this is the number one story in America, several other things are happening:

-We are the closest we’ve ever been to a nuclear war in all of history

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-Inflation is increasing so rapidly that it is wrecking the ability of even well-off people to live normal lives

-We’re headed straight toward some kind of monumental economic crisis

-Kids are being turned into trannies on purpose by government schools

-Crime has skyrocketed to the point where it is virtually impossible to live a normal life in any major urban center.

Who needs basic needs and necessities when your country runs just fine on virtue signalling and butt-sex?


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