Do you see a problem with China needing to buy another $95 billion in commodities?

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The day has finally arrived. The trade deal has been signed. Prosperity is abundant. Everything is resolved. Peace is restored. Love is in the air. Riiiight. Well instead of reading tweets or news headlines, wouldn’t it make more sense to read the trade agreement and try to acknowledge what’s happening for yourself? Of course it would but 99.9% of people who even know about the trade agreement will not even dare glance at it. It’s an embarrassment and unfortunately does absolutely nothing to resolve the issues between the two countries. Not a single thing. It’s sure better than nothing but please, don’t believe the lies that this is in any way a deal. It really isn’t.


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Mnuchin: More tariffs will be rolled back in phase two of trade deal

Here’s what China agreed to buy from the US in the phase one trade deal

Trump and China sign phase one trade deal

Sven Henrich on Twitter: “”Spurred by low interest rates and loose financial conditions, we estimate that total global debt will exceed $257 trillion in Q1 2020. A total of more than $19 trillion of syndicated loans and bonds will mature in 2020.” / Twitter

Lisa Abramowicz on Twitter: “The New York Fed is basically giving big banks a subsidy with its ongoing repo operations because its rate is below the market’s rate: @irajersey of Bloomberg Intelligence on @BloombergRadio” / Twitter

Fed’s Kaplan worries that investors got green light to take more risk from recent interest-rate policy – MarketWatch

Fed Fuels Rise in Assets Via ‘Derivative’ of QE, Kaplan Says

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