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Published March 05. 2020 5:00PM

‘Democrats are trying to destroy America,’ to rebirth a better one

This is quite true. Democrats are trying to change the principles that have shaped America since its beginning: principles of greed, of exploitation, of excessive consumption of resources, of honoring the wealthy and ignoring the poor.

Democrats would like to make our country a place where there is greater opportunity for people who have been oppressed or mistreated, and where our abundance is more evenly distributed.

Democrats want to make housing, food, education and health care available to everyone. They have a vision of an America that functions well, because when everyone has their basic needs met all can contribute to a healthy, prosperous nation.

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Commentary: Antifa is the militant wing of the Democratic Party

After the Civil War, the Democratic Party developed a military wing. It was and still is called the Ku Klux Klan. As most terror organizations, it was formed to achieve a political outcome. At that time, its mission was to ensure that then-freed black slaves could not vote or exercise all the rights of citizenship.

Today, the military wing of the left is Antifa, short for “antifascist.” The name itself is in keeping with the radical left ploys by seizing control of the language and naming things incorrectly so as to mask the true mission.

If one compares the tactics used by Antifa at its various riots, vandalism, beatings and intimidations, there is no significant difference between them and the havoc wreaked by the Brown Shirts that hastened the rise of the Nazi Party in post-World War I Germany.

GARBAGE FORMER PRESIDENT SAYS GARBAGE STUFF: Barack Obama Urges Activists to Capitalize on George Floyd Outrage.

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