Do you want to fight the Fed or do you want to buy the most expensive market in history?

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No Payment, No Problem: Bizarre New World of Consumer Debt

All kinds of weird records are being broken. But it’s scheduled to expire, and then what?

The State of the American Debt-Slaves Q2 2020: The Credit Card Phenomenon

Consumer debt to GDP spikes, but why did credit card balances plunge and new delinquencies decline?

Second $1,200 Stimulus Checks Could Be Coming. For Many, That Won’t Cover the Rent

Washington lawmakers are deadlocked on what aid to include in the next coronavirus stimulus package. But $1,200 stimulus checks seem to be one feature they can agree on. The problem is that that money won’t carry Americans very far, particularly when it comes to rent payments.

The Next Global Depression Is Coming and Optimism Won’t Slow It Down: TIME

The Fed, European Central Bank, Bank of England and Bank of Japan threw out the rule book to add unprecedented support to ensure markets could continue to function.


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