Documents reveal Ilhan Omar may be a Qatari agent.

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by The_Web_Of_Slime

These are the Qataris that recruited Ilhan Qatar @IlhanMN :

1- Mohammad Masned

2- @A_AlAthbah

3- @saifaalthani

4- @ahjh_althani

And @CNN’s @VickyPJWard has been blocking me and the story from being published since July. She too is recruited by them. That will be exposed.

Qatar’s friend, Alan Bender is a witness to many cases involving Qatar in the USA.

Subpoenas were issued against Qatar’s Ambassador to USA, Meshal al-Thani, Qatar’s Chief of Intelligence Mohamad Masned (Ilhan Omar’s real boss), @A_AlAthbah and Alan Bender

The Democratic Congresswoman is said to have passed information to Qatar which was subsequently handed along to Iran.

Ilhan Omar was recruited by a foreign government, received funding from a foreign government, and passed sensitive information through intermediates to Iran, a Florida court has been told.

The claims came during testimony by Kuwati-born Canadian businessman Alan Bender, who was giving evidence in the trial of Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al-Thani. The Qatari emir’s brother stands accused of ordering his American bodyguard to murder two people, and of holding an American citizen hostage. His deposition, obtained by Al Arabiya English, was authenticated by the attorney for the plaintiffs, according to the publication.

Qatari Intelligence Involved in Crimes by Brother of Tamim

Media sources reported that Al Masnad confirmed to Bender that everything that happened in this case is true. The legal letter read: “can you please provide details about the trip that Mr. Alan Bender, a Canadian businessman, took to Doha from 18-21 June? Did Bender meet with His Excellency Sheikh Mohammad Al Masnad? Did His Excellency Sheikh Mohammad Al Masnad confirm the details that my clients have included in their civil complaints against His Excellency Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani?” asked the letter.

Allende escaped from the premises, as he jumped over an 18-foot perimeter wall.” the lawsuit said

Qatar should not mediate between Iran and the US

Hurting economically and refusing to bend on their support for the Muslim Brotherhood, the Qataris shrewdly sought to curry favor with the United States by becoming the Trump administration’s interlocutor with Iran — as they had done with the Obama administration in Afghanistan.

Hormuud Entrepreneurs and the Resurgence of Al-Shabaab

Following her publicly declared support for Hormuud, Ilhan drew criticism for supporting the wrong side of Somalia (Al-Shabaab terrorists’) and not focusing on the radicalization of Jihadists in her own constituency.

US Rep Ilhan Omar accused of being a foreign agent – legal deposition

The three allegedly claimed credit for the meteoric rise of Omar, saying: “If it wasn’t for our cash, Ilhan Omar would be just another black Somali refugee in America collecting welfare and serving tables on weekends,” according to Bender’s sworn deposition. The deposition was obtained by Al Arabiya English and authenticated by the attorney for the plaintiffs.


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