Does Anybody Remember A LITTLE Film Called “HACKING DEMOCRACY?”

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It explained EVERYTHING.

And this was in ’04 – approaching 2 WHOLE DECADES AGO!

The most famous scene, in a phenomenally WELL MADE documentary.

(The brunette woman is a Republican candidate in the film. The d.s. would control the lives of anyone, regardless of political affiliation)

The entire film on ewe.toob

Beverly Harris, the near-GENIUS grandmother who is the protaganist in the film and the REASON for it’s being, is a former “leftist” who found no answers to her questions about digital voting machines and took it upon herself to learn computer CODE! As the (again) BRILLIANT documentary shows, this then new technology would affect future elections on BOTH sides of the political landscape, not just one particular political persuasion or the other. IN OTHER WORDS, THE D.$. WAS BEHIND THE DIGITAL VOTING MACHINES!



h/t TRUTH.99


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