Does anyone else feel unnerved by the rapid rate of smart technology becoming more and more central to our everyday lives?

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by lmchapman

I’ve just finished a very interesting podcast with David Icke as guest speaker, and it’s got me thinking a lot about technology, where it’s going, and it’s ever increasing role in our lives. I know many like to discredit Icke as a result of his rather far fetched reptilian theories, but he has definitely turned out to be correct about many other things (namely the worldwide elite peado ring).

To summarise, he basically stated that we are heading towards what will be a human-AI hybrid, where we will all essentially be wandering around like zombies, relying on our inbuilt smart tech to do pretty much everything. He said that in order to reach this state, we have been led down this path over a gradual period of time. So for example, many of us are now physically addicted to our smart phones- we have our whole lives on it. We place a great deal of value on our devices. Alongside this, we are now using devices like Alexa. Also, kids nowadays have ‘smart toys’, ones that speak and interact with you. This serves to introduce smart technology at the youngest age possible, so that children grow up surrounded by it and will therefore be very willing to move onto even more ‘involved’ technologies and the use of AI.

Icke then said that from our physical reliance of phone in hand, comes the need to wear our technology. We can already see this now with smart watches and the like. This will eventually progress into technology which is ‘inside’ us if you like eg microchips in the brain to carry out simple tasks such as paying for items and opening doors (this is already being trialed by swedes). It will therefore get to a point where we physically do not use our bodies or mind at all, and instead rely on our artificial intelligence planted inside us. Icke believes that the ultimate end to all this is that we can be controlled and manipulated to the very last detail, and we really will not have any agency of our own, which of course serves the interests of the elite.

I really don’t think this theory seems implausible at all. In fact, I every much expect that this is the way things will go, as well as in my lifetime (20s), and I really don’t like it. Thoughts?


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