It is becomming evident that Reddit doesn’t make more profit by having more users. Reddit is probably getting paid to censor discusion.

by PepeBismal

Within the past year, Reddit has had a literal genocide of subreddits getting banned. Most of them being edgy and politically incorrect subs (milliondollarextreme, cringeanarchy, frenworld, incels, etc). Plus other popular subreddits like watchpeopledie. These subreddits, as discusting as they might be, probably attracted two hundred thousand people or more total (making an educated guess), and mabe even twice that. The_Donald which I believe is unfairly quarentined, has over 750,000 subscribers currently. Probably T_D has a million visitors to it from people without accounts. So 1,000,000+200,000 ÷ 33,000,000 total monthly reddit readers = around 0.036. So reddit seemingly doesn’t care if it loses 3.6% of its viewers. It also seems like reddit doesnt really care that they dropped from 3rd place in Alexa ratings to 18th place. This drop is often attributed to Reddit rolling out the redesign that is arguably more suitable for Facebook meme posts than inteligent walls of text.

Anyway, if Reddit isn’t hurting to retain vistors who generate some money for the company, Reddit must be making more money with what they consider to be toxic users, off the site. I beleive in the possibility that special interest groups are paying money to Reddit to have certain subreddits banned and quarentined. There is a whole nuther conspiracy theory about r/politics being bought by some Democrat affiliated group for one million dollars supposedly. One of the major peices of news to haplen with Reddit recently is that subreddits that encourage bullying and harrasment are no longer allowed. Do you think r/marchagainsttrump will be banned for them making fun of Trump’s orange skin, being a “cock holster”, and being a baby will get banned. Nope.



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