Does anyone else find it weird that global protests against police forces pop up just weeks after governments show off their social distancing surveillance technologies?

by KorrectDaRekard

Anyone find it weird that a few weeks ago the US spent millions on riot gear? No one else has realized this?

I cant be the only one noticing…

How the government spent millions on riot gear, just weeks before global protests and riots break out. Countries spent millions on “social distancing” monitoring technologies while they were in the middle of a major economic crisis due to seemingly overblown pandemic.

We saw drones that can monitor temperature and signs of illness.

We saw cameras that track your movement and distance from others placed on street corners.

We saw Robo-Dogs enforcing social distancing.

Anyone else find it weird that the US president is moving to classify a group that’s claimed to be “and idea not an organization” as a terrorist group? Whether you like or hate Antifa it should bother you that being able to link you to “an idea” gives the government the right to declare you a terrorist threat. Especially considering that the previous president signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows the government to indefinitely detain you with out trial under the suspicion on being a terrorist.

Isn’t it weird that we saw a heavy pushback against 5G conspiracies as the towers started going up, simplifying it to “conspiracy theorists think 5G cause Covid” when in reality the earliest criticisms of it were about privacy and tracking concerns.

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Isn’t it weird that these protests and riots seem to be corporately sponsored? How about the politicians, celebrities, and main stream media outlets that seem to be encouraging it. Racism exists and Black Lives Matter, but this movement has been hijacked by powerful outside forces…isn’t it odd that saying something like that could get you doxed as a racist and people are encouraged to target you?

Isn’t it weird that while both sides of the media seem so hell bent on using whatever they can from the protests/riots to make the other side look bad, they refuse to talk about what went down in DC on Monday. Isn’t weird that after online reports of people storming the white house lawn the media stopped covering it, the live streams went down, and rumors of the internet and phones of people in the area going down started spreading? Isn’t it weird that news outlets called DCBlackout a Hoax, when we have a few pieces of video evidence of something going down. Isn’t it weird that Twitterbanned accounts posting about it, and blasted out thousands of identical bot postsdiscrediting it?

Isn’t it weird that while the media tried to paint Bill Gates as a pandemic prophet, they never mention Event 201 which happened in October of last year? Isn’t it weird that this pandemic simulation exercise, where they frequently mentioned a new normal, was nearly identical to Covid 19‘s response? Inst it weird that it also had a section discussing using social media/internet blackouts to deal with civil unrest and misinformation? Does it bother you that now, with the US out, Bill Gates is the largest donor and influence of the World Health Organization. Isn’t it weird that he is such a powerful figure within the UN that has its own global governing agenda?

Have you seen the advanced technology in military robotics? Imagine what they’re not showing us. Have you seen the city surveillance system tested in Camden NJ in 2015? Does it bother you that 5 years ago they claimed soon every city will have it?

Knowing all this isn’t it weird that there seems to be a global push to disband police forces?

I think its really weird.



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