Does Chechnya Really Have a “Gay Concentration Camp”? Or Have the Anti-Russian MSM Been Fooled Again?

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by Mark Angelides

A little reported story has emerged about Chechnya imprisoning (and in some cases beating and torturing) homosexuals. It has appeared in the Huffington Post, the Pink News and one or two others sites, but certainly not every mainstream news agency. Is there a chance that the whole thing is a con to try and get the MSM to publicize even more Fake News? It does have the Hallmarks: it’s about the LGBT world, it’s about oppression, and it’s anti-Russian. It’s practically a gift to the chattering classes. So why is it not headline news? You may remember the splash the last guy who made camps for gays, Austrian fellow.
There are two clear (and perhaps many not so clear) reasons why this has not hit the front pages:
Avoid Fake News
Since the MSM lost all credibility after trying to label everyone but themselves as Fake News, agencies are being fractionally more circumspect in the stories they run. They have been caught out by their own willingness to go “Full-Stalin” on a range of topics in recent matters, and end up looking foolish.
The MSM appear to only work in concert nowadays; they want an echo-chamber for their ideas and prejudices. One in which they can point to others who share their views.
It Doesn’t Fit the Narrative on Muslims
The dishonest media would love to spin this as an anti-Russian piece, but despite some historic ties (and mild cultural influence held-over), Chechnya is its own State. And here’s the issue. It’s an independent state, run by mostly Muslims, for mostly Muslims, and it is engaged in shitty practices…but this time, the US and the UK have NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.
So far, the media has been able to square the circle of their Islamic support by blaming the horrible people, practices and oppression in Muslim majority nations as a symptom (result) of “Western Foreign Policy”, Sure, women are murdered, raped, sold and generally oppressed, but it is in some way, shape or form, the White male’s fault for the cultural oppression, But not in Chechnya. The problems with human rights are all of their own creation.
What’s worse for the MSM is that the Chechnyans are singularly unapologetic for their attitudes. Chechnya leader, Ramzan Kadyrov,  said “We don’t have gays in this area (whist denying the camps)”. “If someone is that way, their families will send them away somewhere that they’ll never come back”.
This is the face of modern (and old) Islam: intolerant and quick to turn to torture. Imagine being homosexual and Muslim in this area. There is literally no environment for them to live in, no support, and as it turns out, no MSM standing up for their rights.

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  1. Even if they did, SO WHAT? The United States gay mafia thinks they have any rights to dictate to OTHER COUNTRIES how to run things in their own borders?…..REALLY? progressivism is indeed a very aggressive destructive cancer.

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