Relationship Between RUSSIA And UNITED STATES Approaches DANGER ZONE – Two Conflicting Reports – Someone IS LYING.

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by Pamela Williams
The US just released that the military and intelligence operatives had intercepted communications between the Syrian military and chemical experts discussing preparations for last weeks chemical-weapons attack in Syria.  
OK…I am not making a judgment on this yet.  It is a new development,  and  it is one that we must give consideration..  If they have actual evidence of a recording of intercepted communcations in Syria speaking about the coming attack, it has to be taken seriously.  
The intelligence was part of a larger collection of information that was gathered shortly after the attack on the northwest city of Idlib that killed at least 83 people.
The official also mentioned that due to the substantial amount of intelligence gathered from the region, the US could not have examined all of the data prior to the attack.
Russian jets, which may have been purchased by Syrian forces, were reportedly used to drop the  chemical agents. Further, a Russian-made drone was also reported to have been identified in the area, circling potential targets for a follow-up assault that hit a hospital.
Since the attack, US officials, including Defense secretary Jim Mattis, confirmed there was “no doubt” of the Syrian government’s involvement. Additionally, Turkish officials confirmed that Syria was still in possession of chemical weapons, and that autopsies on the victims did indeed show traces of sarin gas, despite Russia’s assertions that Syria’s chemical weapons capabilities had been destroyed in 2013.
Russia was handed the responsibility in 2013 by the United Nations and world governments to make sure Syria destroyed their chemical weapons, as they had used them against their people  A large group of activists had protested against Assad, and he just had them all killed.
Assad was never a patient man, and he has been documented as having no patience with those who oppose him in Syria.  He is very tough on the Syrian people.
In another source, it was said that they had intelligence showing that Russian drones went in after the attack and went on to the hospital where the victims were being treated.  This is beyond the pale of evil.  To kill doctors and patients as they are working so hard to save innocent lives  must not be tolerated by a civilized world.  
In another report Two officials alleged that someone had turned the Russian unmanned drone’s camera off just before a Syrian hospital was struck, suggesting the Kremlin was turning a blind-eye to the attack. The officials did not disclose how they were able to determine the camera stopped recording.  
“This is patterned behavior,” Jennifer Cafarella, a Syria analyst for the Washington-based Institute for the Study of War.  The Russians have consistently conducted precise airstrikes targeting civilian infrastructure and hospital in particular, for example in Aleppo.”
As the agent began to spread, the nearest hospital began treating victims. However, as that was happening, officials say a Russian-made unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) began recording the scene of what they say was “clearly” a hospital.
Though the aircraft was Russian, officials say it was unclear whether Russia was wholly responsible, due to the fact that the Syrian Air Force had purchased aircraft from Russia in the past.  
Russia’s Ministry of Defense referenced the chemical attack, saying that rather than dropping chemical weapons, the attack had hit “workshops, which produced chemical warfare munitions,” according to BuzzFeed.
A senior military official cited by BuzzFeed said they “have no knowledge” of Russia’s involvement or prior knowledge of the attack, and said they were in the process of “[investigating] any information that could lead in that direction.”
OK…that is news the United States just released on the chemical attacks in Syria.  Now the below is an argument being made against that evidence, which is being called a “lie” by those making the argument against the above report by the US.
The claims by the US government that the Syrian government carried out a chemical weapons attack on the town of Khan Sheikhun, in southern Idib province on April 4, was met by the US with a missile strike ordered by President Trump against a Syrian base.
The charges against the Syrian government are absurd and unbelievable. The campaign mounted by the Trump administration, the intelligence agencies, the Pentagon, and the Democratic Party demonstrates complete contempt for the intelligence of the people, and a belief that they can lie with no consequences , because nothing they say will ever be challenged by the American people or media.
In analyzing a crime, there are three factors to investigate:

  1. Motive
  2. Means
  3. Opportunity

The Russians nor the Syrians had any reason to carry out the chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun   Plus, Assad had nothing to gain from the use of nerve gas, and could provoke US military retaliation.  Assad had been on the brink of complete victory in the protracted civil war.  So why would he risk that?
Now the Syrian rebels and the US government had motive, means, and opportunity.  The rebels could care less about loss of life, but it would   usher in US support in the war which they were losing.  The rebels have stockpiles of nerve gas and have shown before, in the attack on Ghouta in 2013, they are not afraid to use it.
The rebels and their CIA sponsors had opportunity. According to a detailed analysis of the Khan Sheikhoun attack by the respected US physicist and missile expert Theodore Postol, emeritus professor at MIT, the physical evidence strongly suggests that the delivery system for the nerve gas was a mortar shell placed on the ground, not a bomb dropped from a warplane. That means the attack was almost certainly carried out by those who controlled the ground around Khan Sheikhoun, the rebel forces linked to Al Qaeda.  To me, this is a huge standout factor in pointing to the rebels as the perps.
Postol’s analysis is in reply to the four-page document issued Tuesday by the National Security Council, the White House body that coordinates US foreign and military policy, purporting to prove the Syrian government’s responsibility for the alleged sarin gas attack.
The American media described the NSC document as an unusually detailed and factual account, making use of US intelligence material that was declassified for that purpose. The Washington Post said the US government was “unveiling intelligence discrediting Russia’s attempts to shield its ally, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, from blame in last week’s deadly chemical attack.”
The Post went on to characterize the “declassified findings” as “part of a coordinated broadside against Russia” that was supplemented by “new detail of what U.S. officials believe they know about the chemical weapons strike on Khan Sheikhoun,” offered by White House officials who briefed the press on the document.
The Ghouta attack did not have the expected effect. After the British parliament voted against joining an attack on Syria, and in view of sharp divisions within the Pentagon over whether to intervene, President Obama pulled back, to the enormous frustration of the CIA, and of leading Democrats like his former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.
If Clinton had won the 2016 presidential election, there is no doubt there would have been an immediate and dramatic escalation in the American involvement in the Syrian civil war. Following Trump’s surprise victory, a ferocious conflict has ensued, centering on bogus allegations of Russian manipulation of the election to assist Trump, aimed at shifting the Trump administration’s policy towards Russia and Syria.
This has now culminated in the apparent victory of the US intelligence agencies and the Democrats in this internecine struggle within the US ruling elite, and Trump’s embarking on a course that threatens to produce full-scale US military intervention in the Syrian civil war, and poses the danger of direct confrontation with a nuclear-armed Russia.
We are facing a nuclear war with Russia now…along with North Korea…insane!  To think that President Trump started out with a desire to break down tensions with Russia, become friends with Russia, and prosper with Russia is hard to believe.  How did we get to this point?  Trump is surrounded, and he could see no way out by …you know the phrase…”if you cannot beat them, then join them.”  That is exactly what he did.        
I have presented both sides of this conflict, as Rex Tillerson met with Putin, and he supposedly did a “George Bush” on Putin: “ You are either with us or against us.”  Somehow I don’t think that went over well with Putin.
Donald Trump has described US relations with Russia as at “an all-time low” over the Syria crisis but reversed his position on Nato, saying the alliance was “no longer obsolete”.
The US president said that “right now we’re not getting along with Russia at all” after Rex Tillerson, his secretary of state, had attempted to persuade Vladimir Putin to distance himself from Bashar al-Assad.

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In conclusion, we are in a bad situation with Russia, and I think Putin may act soon against us. Lets pray I am wrong. The below is how the meeting between the US and Russia ended:
“The level of trust on a working level, especially on the military level, has not improved but has rather deteriorated,” Putin said.
Tillerson admitted: “The world’s two foremost nuclear powers cannot have this kind of relationship.”


8 thoughts on “Relationship Between RUSSIA And UNITED STATES Approaches DANGER ZONE – Two Conflicting Reports – Someone IS LYING.

  1. I would like to refer everybody to Veterans Today article: “VT Provides Key to Busting Gas Attack Phony Intercepts”. Nice explanation as to how the phony radio intercepts were done to blame Assad. And watch the video with Theodore Postol, who is Professor of Science,
    Technology and National Security Policy in the Program in Science,
    Technology, and Society at MIT. Postol makes mince meat out of the Administration’s allegations and fake story.

  2. Thanks Pamela.
    The elephant in the room of course is just who is determining who our “enemies” are, and WHY??
    Only Russians I come across work at an auto parts store or are on vacation. So it isn’t them.
    No, all this war talk and enemies lists are originating from the controllers minds and intentions. We go to war with Israel’s enemies, bankers enemies, and corporate demands for more weapons manufacturing and stealing of natural resources of countries we can beat up on, people of color, innocent “colateral damage” women and children.
    Yeah, we’re number one! ??

    • Isn’t it awful that to be number 1 in this world insinuates military might? I don’t know anymore, but I know God has a plan, and He will brief me on it when I check in with Him. After seeing how Trump has turned, I do not trust any path of man. We cannot predict what man will do, but we do know this battle has to be fought before things end here.

      • While you know we don’t share the same religous belief we do have a bond of compassion for humankind. A nagging feeling of loss is so evident just in looking at old high school pictures or 50’s and 60’s movies. SOMETHING is very wrong with the “heart” of humankind. It has grown cold and self absorbed.
        The underlying thought many of us have is, “This can’t go on much longer.”

  3. IDF painted their GIFTED, american jet fighters in Russian colors!
    Wonder if the subs the GERMANS GIFTED them are made to look Russian?
    Maybe the Russians will not shoot?

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