Does it feel like everyone stopped caring about the virus amid reopenings?

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by K-ghuleh

I’m in Wisconsin and I’m sure all of you are aware our safer at home order was lifted and overnight the bars reopened and were packed and resorts filled up. With the nice weather also it’s like people decided the virus doesn’t exist anymore because the sun is out and they need to plan their weekend trips and go out to eat.

I can’t help but feel like I’m crazy for still being cautious and not wanting to go out to eat or meet up in public. Everyone is posting pictures on FB posing cheek to cheek at restaurants with friends they haven’t seen and it’s just like…nobody cares anymore even though WI has seen it’s largest confirmed case and death increase two days in a row. It overwhelmingly feels like the only reason people weren’t going out before was just because places weren’t open, not because they wanted to help slow the spread of COVID.

I get that things have to eventually get back to normal and each individual has to assess their level of risk and what they’re comfortable with. We’re all stir crazy and want to get out more but very little precautions are being taken, no masks in public, no social distancing, and restaurants are posting their daily menus and photos of packed seats as if everything is normal right now. It just feels very surreal and I’m bothered that I feel abnormal for not letting my guard down.



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