If people are free to smash up streets, they should be free to go to a bar or swimming pool.

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We’ll know in about 10 to 14 days if the past 90 days have been worth it. Mass crowds gathered in DC, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Denver and the virus hot spot of New York, all ignoring the past three months of warnings from CDC experts, the White House, the World Health Organization and state officials. Should there be a spike, much like the one we’ve all been warned is bound to happen if large gatherings like these should occur, the authorities can all shame us again and give us one big ‘see we told you so!’ But as in Florida and Georgia and several other states with relaxed distancing orders, what happens if there isn’t?

There will be a lot to answer for from our public officials, should that be the case, and it won’t just be about the murder of George Floyd, which has become the spark that set the tinderbox on fire. Forty million people are out of work. Over 100,000 dead, and the riots happening all over the country are about to reveal if lockdown was worth it.

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UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Situational virology:



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