Does it piss anyone else off how the media is trying to make the protests more about race than about police brutality?

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by NilacTheGrim

  • If you kill a black guy — you go to jail for murder.
  • If you kill a white guy — you go to jail for murder.
  • If you kill an asian guy — you go to jail for murder.

If a cop kills any of the above, he may or may not get suspended with pay.

It was never about race. It’s about police brutality and an out of control police force that basically is a gang of murderous brutal thugs that can commit crimes with impunity.

We all need to unite against this shit. The MAGAs, the left, the right, the center, everybody. Making it about race is so they can divide us. If it becomes all about BLM or just black people, then they stand a chance for NOTHING TO CHANGE. So they push that narrative. Many people buy into it.

Making it about police brutality and rights is something most Americans can get behind. So they are trying super hard to try and muddle it with racial issues, knowing that will turn off half the population. Don’t be fooled. They’re messing with you.

I’m looking at you too Trump people — you and I both know cops can commit crimes and get away with it. Some of the most violent police forces are in the South too. And they kill white people too — not just black people. Don’t be fooled. This is not about race. They want us to think that so (some of us) care about it less.



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