Does President Trump Have Blood On His Hands For The Violence in Gaza?

by Chris Black

The Democratic media complex is in full attack mode following yesterday’s inauguration of US embassy in Jerusalem. Yesterday was a big day for Israel for 2 reasons: number one, remarkably, the Jewish state celebrated its 70th anniversary, which is frankly a miracle, considering how tiny the country is, both in terms of population and land surface, not to mention the fact it’s surrounded by hundreds of millions of Muslim Arabs who hate its guts and attacked Israel three times until now, to no avail. In a sea of enemies, the Jews managed to survive with their own state for 70 years, since Israel’s inception in 1948. And furthermore, Trump yesterday made good on his promise, as he officially opened the US embassy in Jerusalem. The significance of this event was clear for the entire world to see: by opening the US embassy in Israel’s capita, Trump was now saying loudly and clearly that Jerusalem will remain the united capital of the Jewish state, and that Israel will always know America has its back.

In retaliation, Hamas unleashed a wave of Intifada attacks, using approximately 40,000 protesters as basically human shields, whereby they threw stones, rocks and various projectiles, bags of urine, and even tried to use IEDs  against IDF soldiers. They burned tires, calling for “death to Israel” and “death to the Jews”, “death to America”. In response, the IDF, fearing the protesters (by the way, the whole show was organized and paid for by Hamas, a Palestinian Sunni fundamentalist Islamist organization which is designated as a terrorist group by the US State Department and calls openly for the destruction of Israel and death of all Jews) would overrun the border fence that separates Israel from Gaza, fired at the protesters, and 60 of them were killed, together with over 1300 wounded. Immediately, the media establishment in the US went into full anti Israel and anti Trump mode, as they began to attack the POTUS, saying that it was his decision to side with Israel that led to the bloodshed, i.e. his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Basically, he’s responsible for everything, together with IDF. The truth is, all Trump did was to recognize reality, that’s all he did. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel the way Dublin is the capital of Ireland. Moreover, and beyond that, Trump didn’t just talked the talk, but he walked the walk. Three previous presidents, i.e. Bush the Elder, Bil Clinton, Dubya and Barry from Honolulu, all of them when they ran for POTUS, said they believe Jerusalem was the united capital of the state of Israel, and they all pledged to move the US embassy there. All Trump did was to fulfill a campaign promise that his three predecessors talked and talked, but never walked. You don’t believe me, do your own research. Here’s a spoiler:

Trump did it. That’s the thing about Trump: he says what he means, and he means what he says. Imagine that, a POTUS that actually does what he says, the horror, the horror.  The US mainstream media attacked Trump for failing to attack and condemn Israel for the killing (they used the word massacre) of 60 Palestinians yesterday during the “protests”. The Trump administration blamed Hamas instead for engaging in a cynical action as the organizer of the protests against Israel, so  they’re the only one to blame for what happened. This idea that somehow Israeli troops are killing at will is ridiculous.

Think about it: what would you do as an IDF soldier confronted with tens of thousands of “peaceful protesters” who hate your guts just because you’re a Jew, protesters throwing bombs and rocks at you? Would you stand back when confronted with Hamas terrorists trying to dig underneath the border fence? Israel does have a border and, horribile dictu, they are enforcing it. It’s incredible that the US left wing mainstream media  blames Israel and Trump yesterday’s protest, a protest that was orchestrated by Hamas, an Islamic radical group associated with terrorism, that has on its hands the blood of thousands of Jews (they used to blow up restaurants and buses in Israel for sport), and whose charter calls for Israel to be wiped off the map. Our media is basically siding with Hamas against Israel, the only country worth living in the Middle East, at least if you’re a Westerner or you cherish Western values. The leftists are siding with Islamic killers against the Middle East’s only democracy and our closest ally in the region. This is sickening.  In case you don’t know, Hamas is just a pawn used by Iran and Sunni fundamentalists alike in the Sunni-Shiite war (Iran funds Hamas and provides them with weapons to use against Israel).

Palestinians and Hamas may be Iranian pawns, but their corrupt leaders know exactly what they’re doing. It seems ironic that Hamas spends its resources on constructing underground tunnels in Israel to kidnap and  kill Israeli civilians. Hamas operatives launch missiles from densely civilian-populated areas, yet provide virtually no underground protection for their citizens when Israel justifiably retaliates. Israelis, by contrast, spend their resources on protecting their civilians. The most perplexing thing for Jewish people to watch is the wholesale slaughter of Muslims by other Muslims. It boggles the mind.

Now, do you believe that the media is right? Does Trump bear responsibility for the bloodshed, or does it land squarely on the perpetrators, i.e.  Hamas and the terrorists in Gaza?


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