“DOJ rejects CNN analyst’s claim he has legal right to attend Trump briefings. Puts WHCA on notice that its control of access to briefings is based on tradition and not law.”

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WH should demand return (or cancellation) of all existing hard passes and set up a new system based on a combination of factors that include a balance of national & regional marketshare, inherent organizational bias, actual investigative track record vs. punditry, etc. for both conventional and internet-based news sources.

I want to see Epoch Times, OAN, and rural news sources from flyover/heartland, going toe to toe with CNN and NYT. I loved it back when they had the ‘virtual’ skyped in reporters that asked actual questions. In this time of social distancing, they should video-conference in the entire audience. Setup a new federalized organization and pull the propaganda power out of the hands of the media elite clustered in DC.

The fourth estate needs checks and balances!




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