If you believe Trump was “caught” with classified material, You guys are clueless!

by Chris Black

Is this the fifth or sixth impeachment? Just a reminder: it is impossible legally speaking for the president to steal classified documents.

Also, presidents regularly take stores of documents to work on their memoirs.

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Wall Street Journal:

The Justice Department said “efforts were likely taken to obstruct the government’s investigation” of documents at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home months before FBI agents searched the Florida estate in early August. Investigators said they found records in places other than the storage room where Mr. Trump’s lawyers had assured them all were held.


A court filing late Tuesday objecting to Mr. Trump’s proposal that the seized documents be vetted by a third-party arbiter laid out the government’s most detailed timeline yet of the events that led to the unprecedented search of the premises.

The 36-page document underscored the urgency with which the Justice Department believed it needed to secure the classified material after Mr. Trump’s team failed to relinquish all of it during several less invasive attempts to retrieve it earlier this year.

via Anonymous:

Barak Obeyme signed this Executive Order – your bone smoking hero signed this shit – so wake the f*ck up and learn something:

Read paragraph 1.3 (lines 26 and 27)


Then read paragraph 3.1 (lines 124 and 125)

All trump had to do was wave his arms and say, “THIS IS CLASSIFIED” or “THIS IS UNCLASSIFIED” and that’s it.

There is no way to “catch” Trump with classified material – NO. F*CKING. WAY.

Actually, Trump didn’t even have to wave his arms and say anything.

All he had to do was to “deem” it unclassified and that makes it so.

And besides that, the FBI has to “PROVE” he didn’t make that unclassified – he doesn’t have to prove he did.

You know, it’s that whole INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY thingy.

Trump is absolutely in the clear.

This entire thing is a farce.


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