DOJ to receive $67million to Sell Russian oligarch’s Yachts from Ukraine relief aid?

  • The House of Representatives voted along party lines on Thursday to pass a package with $40 billion in additional aid to Ukraine
  • The vote will see $67 million for the Justice Department to sell of yachts seized from Russian oligarchs
  • 57 Republicans voted against passing the massive aid package, claiming they didn’t have enough time to review the 30-age legislation 
  • Lawmakers split off $10 billion in funding for the COVID pandemic in order to rush through money for Ukraine
  • Lawmakers increased President Joe Biden’s original $33 billion request, adding $3.4 billion in military aid and $3.4 billion in humanitarian assistance
  • Senate expected to vote on it next week
  • Ukraine aid expected to pass but more COVID funding remains in limbo

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h/t Coastie Patriot


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