DOJ To Strip US Citizenship From Convicted Child Molesters

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Government lawyers filed denaturalization lawsuits against the five citizens interspersed amid Texas, California, Maryland and North Carolina. The individuals willfully concealed child sexual-abuse crimes they’d committed prior to naturalizing, according to the federal-court civil complaints.
“Those who wish to become American citizens ought to respect our laws and seek citizenship lawfully and honestly,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement. “Anyone who lies, misleads or omits critical information in an attempt to evade the requirements for naturalization undermines the credibility of our nation’s generous, lawful immigration system.”
Denaturalization Sought Against Five Child Sexual Abusers in California, Maryland, North Carolina, and Texas
WASHINGTON – The Department of Justice today filed denaturalization lawsuits against five individuals who, according to the Department’s complaints, unlawfully procured their United States citizenship by concealing their sexual abuse of minor victims during the naturalization process.
The complaints against each of them can be found at the DOJ link:
The complaint for Ricardo De Leon says he pled guilty in March of 2017 to the sexual assault of a minor that began in 2009. Here is some interesting information from his trial of 2016:
Man to be retried after hung jury in sex abuse case
Jurors split 9-3 after six hours of deliberations

DeLeon is the younger brother of Dimas DeLeon, 41, a Mexican citizen living in Edinburg, who faces his own charges in connection with a drug conspiracy involving 14 others, according to court documents.
Dimas DeLeon is accused of working for a drug trafficking organization and is facing federal charges of possession with intent to distribute more than 5 kilograms of cocaine, according to court records.
In October 2013, an undercover informant for Homeland Security Investigations alerted agents of a drug trafficking organization in the Rio Grande Valley that was involved in the redistribution of narcotics that they had stolen from various sources.
Dimas DeLeon is accused of recruiting and paying law enforcement officers to assist him and several others with the staged seizure of sham or diluted narcotics, according to court records.
Here’s an article with information about another one of the five animals.
Feds Seeks to Strip Citizenship From Man Serving 40 Years For Child Sex Crimes
The defendant in the case, Christian Oribello Eguilos, 41, is currently serving a 40-year sentence after pleading nolo contendere to and was convicted of multiple counts of Forcible Lewd Act Upon a Child. Eguilos is an inmate at the Mule Creek State Prison in Ione, California.
According to the complaint, Eguilos, a native of the Philippines, presented false information about his criminal background during the naturalization process.
Jeff Sessions Seeks to Strip Citizenship from Five Alleged Child Sex Abusers
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