Don Cherry says people who believe in climate change are ‘cuckaloos’

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Cherry, 83, made the remarks to co-commentator Ron MacLean on Saturday night during the first intermission of the game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins, a day after Ontario’s newest forecasting groundhog Wiarton Willie signalled six more weeks of winter.
During his “Coach’s Corner” segment, Cherry, seated behind a plush groundhog toy, asked MacLean if he and his “left-wing pinko friends” could explain their fears over rising temperatures in light of the prevailing cold weather.
MacLean tried to deflect the question, but Cherry insisted, “I’m just asking you, the cuckaloos are always saying there are warming trends — we’re freezing to death.”
Several Canadians promptly took to social media to pan Cherry for his comments, including Environment Minister Catherine McKenna.

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