Democratic rebuttal comes out to Nunes memo, and House Intelligence Committee posts two new documents as well

by ArchonFall4All
I just scrolled through “new” and was surprised to see that nobody has posted these yet. The first document is a rebuttal by democrats to the Nunes memo (note that this is not the memo prepared by Schiff).
Here’s a direct link to the–%20Dear%20Colleague%20on%20Nunes%20Memo.pdf
And here’s a link to the article where it came
Shortly after this story broke (and possibly completely unrelated), the House Intelligence Committee posted two more documents related to the Nunes memo. The first document is a response to the various charges placed against the memo, and the second document lists key points.
First document–
Second document–
I won’t editorialize any of the above. I’m just leaving it here as a source of information