Don Surber — Democrats stuffed the ballot box…

I realize Democrats stuffed the ballot box with Fake Votes because that is the only explanation for a sudden surge in voter turnout from 56% to a historic high of 67% — the highest by far in a century. Only 1964’s 61% came close. Voter turnout was 53% in 1932 when FDR came into office.

But some people did vote Democrat and I want to explain to them what they voted for because I do not believe they fully understand.

First, they did not vote for social justice. Many of them believe they did because Democrat mayors had city street departments paint Black Lives Matter in the streets. That was for show because the reality, Democrat mayors do not care about black people, especially the black Democrat mayors.

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For example, Lori Lightfoot presides over Chicago, which through Tuesday had 428 murders. Most victims are black. The odds of a murder being solved are 1 in 6 in Chicago. That is based on the number of homicide cases cleared each year. If her highness cared, she would make a priority of punishing the murderers of black people. She would order police to crack down on the murders. She would be in black neighborhoods encouraging people to cooperate with investigations.


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