DON SURBER: Tucker Carlson is saving journalism.

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via donsurber:

I should not have to write this, but journalists should accept criticism. Largely they don’t. And lately they are upset because Tucker Carlson is taking them to task on his nightly Fox show.

Speaking from personal experience, your critics do you a valuable service. His criticism is golden because Carlson grew up in journalism. . . .

Carlson is taking some heat from CNN for saying, “Maybe it’s because there’s no incentive to go into journalism anymore. I think that’s part of it. It doesn’t pay anything. If you want to get rich, if you’re smart, you go into private equity or leave the country and move to Barbados. Maybe the smart people don’t want to do journalism anymore.”

But his is a salient point. If they are not in it for the money, what are they in it for?

Vincent Damon Furnier once said the reason he got into rock was for the chicks and free beer. So he donned a dress and became Alice Cooper. His motivation was honorable and to be admired.

If not money, what is the motive to become a journalist?

I sense a motivation that is less than honorable.


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