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Tucker Carlson confronted Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple over his coverage of his employer, asking “Why don’t you cover your own paper’s shortcomings?”
He almost makes this guy cry. LOL
“In case after case,” Carlson charged, “you’ve failed to cover your own paper running fake or misleading things.”
Carlson also questioned Wemple over the Post’s practice of carrying so-called “native advertisements” paid for by the Russian and Chinese government, among others.
“Well, that’s a good question,” Wemple admitted. “I think I’ve got a lot to write about.”
Later in the interview, Carlson accused Wemple of “single-mindedly [pursuing] your political agenda.”
“I see you as a political hack acting out his political beliefs on paper with the cover of media criticism,” Carlson said, “and everyone who reads you knows that.
“Look, the point is, you have the freedom and I think that’s great,” Carlson said to conclude the interview. “You should just use it to do something useful like reporting on Russian propaganda in your own paper.”