Donald Trump Accuses NBC of Purposely Misquoting His Comments about Nukes

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by Amna El Tawil
President-elect Donald Trump took to his Twitter account to express his anger that NBC misquoted his call for an expansion of the U.S. nuclear program earlier this week, despite reports to the contrary.
On December 22, Donald Trump tweeted that the United States must strengthen and expand the nuclear capability until such time the world comes to its senses regarding nuclear weapon.

However, two days later, on December 24 Trump accused the NBC of intentionally leaving out the latter part of the tweet. He didn’t specify when, exactly, NBC left out the portion of this comment.

The initial news release featured the comment in its entirety as seen in the video below.

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It remains unclear whether the incoming president was wrongly informed by his advisors and chose to react or something else happened to provoke this reaction. Since his decision to run for the presidency, media tried to discredit Donald Trump with a multitude of misquoted comments, false reports, and such. Until Trump clarifies this comment, we can only wonder what about the underlying cause.


7 thoughts on “Donald Trump Accuses NBC of Purposely Misquoting His Comments about Nukes

  1. Let nbc prove they didn’t leave out part of his statement. They do it all the time – taking remarks out of context, misquoting and outright lying about what Trump has said. The propaganda media has lied so much about everything that now I would believe any negative statements anyone said about them. Who cares? Hopefully they’ll be dead soon.

  2. Change scares people. Embracing the basic tenor of the Trump revolution brings about a classic cognitive dissonance situation. If they accept we need a wall or we need to vet people from terrorist countries or even infrastructure rebuilding than they must surrender to being on the wrong side of history.
    A street smart billionaire and not a politician will have great power in a few weeks. Perhaps not the player invisioned by many as perfect, but undeniably perfect for the times…game on. ????

  3. You mean like when they ‘doctored’ Zimmerman’s 911 phone call in an attempt to frame him..
    NBC should have been put out of its (and our) misery right then and there.

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