Donald Trump Blasts Media for Avoiding to Report His Foundation

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by Amna El Tawil
We’re already used to bias attitude of the media. It is a well-known fact they favored Hillary Clinton and did pretty much everything they could to help her win, but unsuccessfully. Since the moment he announced a bid for the White House, Donald Trump faced the ruthless media representatives who constantly published news reports with zero truth in order to discredit him. On numerous occasions, they accused him of using his charity foundation to make more profit and that a vast portion of the money doesn’t even go to the needy. Donald Trump decided it’s about the time they stop with the nonsense.
The President-elect took to his Twitter account on Monday night and said: “I gave millions of dollars to DJT Foundation, raised or received millions more, ALL of which is given to charity, and media won’t report!”

He also added that unlike many other foundations, his never paid rent, fees, expenses, or any salaries and confirmed that everything i.e. 100% of money went to charitable causes it was intended for. Of course, the incoming president referred to his Donald J. Trump Foundation which he will shut down due to conflict-of-interest issues.

Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold replied to Donald Trump by submitting a link to a story titled “Trump boasts about his philanthropy. But his giving falls short of his words.”

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8 thoughts on “Donald Trump Blasts Media for Avoiding to Report His Foundation

  1. We have to get over the fact that there is great resistance to the hope-for changes Mr. Trump wants to bring to our nation and help carry the water.
    The death of a thousnd cuts is in progress and we can mend the wounds and stop the cutting by becoming active where we live. Be a voice for sanity, attend any meeting where decisions are made on your life…PTA, city and county council meetings, Agenda 21 land use, water use, etc.
    This is the revolution we all have hoped for, perhaps not the players and plays but it is game on!

      • I see a pattern here of your consistant negative posts. Are you a troll or just an angry person, unable to articulate anything but crankiness? I would suggest try putting some facts or links out here instead of your anger.

  2. Clinton foundation or Trump foundation, the Clinton’s belong to the Kosher Nostra (Jews) and so does Trump and he also has a membership with the Mafia.

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