Trey Gowdy blasts Lisa Page: “When she says things need to be put in context, the word ‘loathsome’ really doesn’t need to be put in context. And when you say somebody will be a national security disaster, that doesn’t need to be put in context.”

Watch the latest video at Former House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy responded Monday to former FBI attorney Lisa Page after she broke her silence in an interview with The Daily … Read more

Bill Maher BLASTS Rachel Maddow’s HYPOCRISY Over Biden and Ukraine! Sen. Scott Slams Dems On Impeachment: “The Evidence Does Not Matter” To Dems

Bill Maher drops a truth bomb. “If Don Jr. Did What Hunter Biden Did, “It Would be All Rachel Maddow Was Talking About”. Democrats are idiots and will lose … Read more