Donald Trump Introduces Americans To the Greatest Hypocrites & Liars!

by Thinker

History shows the people who choose to seek it out, that most wars, corruption, blackmail, theft, dishonor, comes from an individual without honor, pride, and a content of character they want to hide. If your an American over the age of fifty and have watched the corruption as it grew after the murder of JFK, then you can understand “ALL” the ”
TRUTH” in the statement from Donald Trump about the hypocrites.

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President Trump’s Message on Border Security, exposing past liars for votes and fame!!!

They can’t remember the lies they told a decade ago!!!

Some even forget to tell you that they were at one time in the other party!!!

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Time for the “FAKE” news, who knows that if the masses really understand the “TRUTH.” The many lies reported about the POTUS and attempts on his life to stop his support for the people!!! How long will a nation thirst for lies and looks over “TRUTH” unity, and “LOVE???”




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